Friday, November 26, 2004

Got It

Hoooray, finally got that longed for green line for go in my google toolbar which means they know my airsoft guns website exists my page rank is 2 out of 10. Needs to be 4 out of 10 eventually which means more of those links? we'll see

Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday - gooooood

Actually everything is going smoothly today! Turned the phone to answer machine to allow

MAXIMUM concentration. Adding new products to the airsoft and paintball stores.

But first i need a cup of coffee and might fit in a game of cards

Then get started again, again.

By the way, what is php? i have a store constructed in it and its not exactly user friendly to the
non programmer

Nice new electric bb airsoft rifle which i hadnt seen before:

M4 A1 RIS Version "....The M4 A1
RIS is one of the most popular airsoft rifles on the market, mainly because of its good performance, and immense potential for customisation. The M4 A1 RIS is an M4 with a 4-sided RIS foregrip installed, vertical foregrip, non functioning laser unit that's acts as a battery compartment as the RIS unit leaves no space for batteries in the foregrip. With a compact design and collapsible stock, this weapon excels at CQB and mid-range firefights.


Firing Mode: Semi / Full Automatic
Magazine Capacity: 68rnds
Velocity: Approx - 280fps
Weight: Approx 3305g
Hop up: yes (adjustable)
Battery: Small
Motor: EG1000

Size: Length: 840mm
Weight: 3.3kg ...."
Available here Electric BB Guns

Stop press: We ( are going to

be in "The Field" with our black russian cossack hat. Wont you get muddy? nope its a very well

respected, posh, country magazine Look

BB Guns Airsoft Gun UK Shop

BB Guns Airsoft Gun UK Shop

No, no, no, RESIST the futile email requesting a link relating to airsoft or bb guns or paintball, begging begging begging. Wasting time!

New leaf turned, ..... but the leaf is blank. I am sure some inspiration will come.

Oh and dmoz, please dont tempt or tease the average human into thinking they could become an EDITOR / GOD, you are just another stupid example of time wasting. HOW on earth do some websites become so important, its just a bloody list, for gods sake, with some very bad websites therein, so dont tell me its full of quality its full of crap. GOOGLE dump dmoz .

Anyone want to buy a novelty chess set? Anybody?

Novelty Gifts

Thursday, November 18, 2004

getting busy

Its raining, my rsi is playing up and the two things i needed to do this morning i cant. I think i should get Error 404 stamped on my forehead.

Do you have a website business? Are you being told "you must you must improve your pagerank or bust".. "get link popularity or die" !

Actually im fed up of chasing links, trying to get links but having to put up a link to them first, then nevery hearing or getting the stupid link.

My fave websites:

least favourite and all the other dmoz replicas.